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Mini Steps to Recovery

Patty O'Connors insightful and useful "Mini Steps to Recovery" is available for purchase from a variety of vendors both in stores and on-line.

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Mini Step to Recovery

Mini Steps to RecoveryMini Steps to Recovery is a condensed guide to wellness. This booklet is a teaching/learning tool for all those recovering from addiction. It offers education on a variety of topics such as nutrition, exercise and sleep and focuses on the 12-step program philosophy to ward off road blocks  and pave the pathway to create a balance of the body-mind  connection which is so important for quality sobriety. This material can be used by the staff as a guideline for  therapeutic groups in both inpatient and outpatient settings and / or given to patients upon graduation from a rehabilitation program for their use as a future reference  guide to quality recovery.   In a therapeutic setting, several sessions may be needed on each topic in order to cover all the information contained in the book. The book is in perfect bound soft cover format, It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher, Xlibris